Monday, April 27, 2009

and 10 minutes later...

so here it goes. i am not interesting.

i play music. i am addicted to i hate social media. i am addicted to social media. and i write music.

i have been working on my new CD, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Smile, for about a year. i started working last year after graduation with a student at McNally Smith College of Music. It was so much fun working in the studio with fancy gear, grand pianos, foam-padded walls and sign-in desks run by students.

it started as a piano/vocals thing, and spiraled into an 11-track piano-driven CD featuring kris shoen on drums, sam taphouse on stand-up bass, josh johnson on electric bass, my sister, clare and i on back-up vocals and von ahlene on guitar.

i met some amazing people along the way, and got back in touch with a few others.

learned a lot, and still learning,

kelly jo

check out my Web site for more info and check back in tomorrow for more updates directly from me, kjo mitch :)

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