Friday, May 8, 2009

first chance to buy my new CD!!

hey guys-

i will be selling my CD, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Smile, at my upcoming show! so you better be there.

thursday may 14th 8 p.m. at the varsity theater
click for tickets HERE

kid dakota
adam levy
the great upsets

AND ME..kelly jo mitchell

pass it on and bring your friends!

see you there,
kelly jo

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

meetings-- not just for corporate america.

i have filled my old-school planner with back-to-back meetings for the last six months. the scratches and overdubbed ink consists of meetings with engineers, video production, photographers, duplication manufacturers, graphic designers, the occasional friends--if i am lucky-- job prospects, and all the good stuff in between.

today i am meeting with the amazing Ross Bruggink to finalize the album artwork! Check out the designs he has come up with by clicking here.

yours truly,

-kelly jo

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a trip down memory lane

long hair. short hair. brown hair. more.

check out the photos on flickr from shows past and get ready for more in May!!

May 14
The Varsity Theater
9 p.m.
featuring Kid Dakota, Adam Levy and more!!!

May 15
Corner Coffee
7 p.m.

my YouTube debut

a few months ago, eveline with Plugged In, an online program in the Twin Cities, asked me to do an interview with their show. this is what we came up with...

check it out --my first appearance on YouTube-- by clicking here

leave a message and tell you friends

-kelly jo

Monday, April 27, 2009

two for the price of one!!

congrats to--in no particular order-- ben, kaylee, jodi, jo (my mom) and rachel!! you all get two of my CDs, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Smile for the price of one!

so cash in when they come in. you will not be disappointed!

for everyone else, there will be more chances to win... pass it on and tell your friends.

time for bed. tomorrow marks the final day in the studio .. I PROMISE.. just remixing the mistakes by my first engineer.

thank you reid kruger, of waterbury music in minneapolis for your patience, guidance and support!! you rock my socks off. and your fiance makes a mean stir fry!

that's all for now my fellow followers! until tomorrow,

kelly jo

hello facebook-ers and myspace-ers!

join now and if you are one of the first five people to join and follow me, i will give you one FREE CD of Kelly Jo Mitchell, Smile after you purchase one yourself :)

great gift to mom, dad or your ex.

let the games begin,

kelly jo

and 10 minutes later...

so here it goes. i am not interesting.

i play music. i am addicted to i hate social media. i am addicted to social media. and i write music.

i have been working on my new CD, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Smile, for about a year. i started working last year after graduation with a student at McNally Smith College of Music. It was so much fun working in the studio with fancy gear, grand pianos, foam-padded walls and sign-in desks run by students.

it started as a piano/vocals thing, and spiraled into an 11-track piano-driven CD featuring kris shoen on drums, sam taphouse on stand-up bass, josh johnson on electric bass, my sister, clare and i on back-up vocals and von ahlene on guitar.

i met some amazing people along the way, and got back in touch with a few others.

learned a lot, and still learning,

kelly jo

check out my Web site for more info and check back in tomorrow for more updates directly from me, kjo mitch :)

so i have a twitter account but no tweets for me.

hi virtual reality and all you fellow bloggers and music lovers-

i am going to keep this short and sweet as i refuse to tweet! i figure a blog is just as good as a twitter account to get out important information. and quite frankly, it is less narcissistic and obnoxious. so, if you want to follow me and my musical endeavors/daily routine, here i am :)


kelly jo